Sai Krishna Successfully Built and Grew His Blogging Platform -SuperBlog - Generating $800+ MRR in 16 Months

Sai Krishna Successfully Built and Grew His Blogging Platform -SuperBlog - Generating $800+ MRR in 16 Months
Sai Krishna is the founder of Superblog - blazing-fast and SEO focused blogging platform

Tell us about your product and what inspired you to start it?

Superblog is a blazing fast alternative to WordPress and Medium blogs. You can focus on writing content. Superblog will take care of Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Speed, and best practices for converting your blog visitors into customers.
I've been building desktop apps, mobile apps, hardware, and software startups with millions of users for the last ten years. I predominantly use SEO to get inbound customers. 
The process has been very repetitive - installing a wordpress blog, optimize it for speed, SEO, conversions, optimize the server for best performance. That's when it hit me, lot of other startup founders would need soemthing like this! A blog where they can just focus onw writing content instead of technical and conversion optimizations.

How long did it take you to acquire your first 50 customers, and what was your growth strategy?

There is no free plan for Superblog, only paid plans. It took a year to acquire my first 50 customers. 
Build in public has been the sole strategy initially. Later started focusing on SEO.

Which technology stack are you using and what challenges and limitations does it pose?

Dashboard: nextjs+prisma+chakra-ui
Client blogs: elderjs (JAMStack)
Marketing site: elderjs -> nextjs 
Biggest challenge was to get the UX right for a JAMStack blogging platform. Most users don't know the build+deploy workflow. They "publish" and expect blog posts to be live. So, to get the UX right without frustrating the users but showing them the benefits of a JAMStack blog has been the toughest problem.

What are some of the most essential tools that you use for your business?

Pirsch Analytics

What have been some of the biggest insights you've gained since starting your entrepreneurial journey?

We need to have a clear strategy for different phases of the product and revenue. One size doesn't work all the time., Almanack of Naval Ravikanth

What other products are you working on? (if any) - A twitter bot to save tweets to Notion. Self-hunted on ProductHunt, top#3 of the day.
Supershots - add beautiful gradient backgrounds to screenshots in seconds. Self-hunted on ProductHunt, top#2 of the day.

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